LEGO KidsFest

The LEGO KidsFest was a 140,000–200,000 sq. ft. convention center-filling experience packed with interactive, creative and educational hands-on fun for the whole family! The tour made nearly 50 stops in the U.S. and Canada, and welcomed over one million visitors. Responsibilities included development of all aspects of identity, show signage, print and online advertising, ticket and credential production, print collateral, and designing/maintaining the website.

LEGO® KidsFest announcement graphic

LEGO® KidsFest announcement graphic for posting on website and social media. 

LEGO® KidsFest fullpage ad

Sample LEGO® KidsFest full page print ad for in-market lifestyle magazines and parent publications.

LEGO® KidsFest rack cards

LEGO® KidsFest rack card created for distribution with chamber of commerce, travel centers, convention centers and local partners/sponsors. 

LEGO® KidsFest map brochure

Examples of the 6-panel folded maps handed out to attendees in each market. PDFs of the map were made available from the LEGO® KidsFest web site for downloading in advance of attending the show. 

Sample LEGO® KidsFest web ads

Examples of LEGO® KidsFest web page takeover graphic, web ads and mobile ads. 

Samples of tickets, credentials and business cards

Samples of LEGO® KidsFest tickets, show credential badges, Lost Parents Contact Cards, and business cards.

LEGO® KidsFest show signage

Examples of LEGO® KidsFest show signage.

LEGO KidsFest website

LEGO® KidsFest responsive website.

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